The Interactive Viewer for Saint John the Baptist in Meditation by Jheronimus Bosch preserved in the Museo Lázaro Galdiano

The work by Jheronimus BoschSaint John the Baptist in Meditation” and its appearance after applying to it different techniques: infrared photography, infrared reflectography and X-Radiography.

Below you will find links to interactive viewers (click to zoom in; scroll-wheel to zoom in or out; click and drag to pan) for each wavelength. They can be viewed individually by clicking on the images under the "Individual" column, or across multiple imaging modes simultaneously with the viewers under the "Synchronized" column. The "Curtain View" on the far right allows for a dynamic splitting of the view into panes that constantly resize to follow the mouse pointer. On touchscreen devices, the division between panes can be moved by touching the division and dragging it.


"Curtain" View

Side by Side


Infrared Photography

Infrared Reflectography



These images were photographed by Rik Klein Gotink and the interactive visualizations and image stitching and registration were performed by Robert G. Erdmann for the Bosch Research and Conservation Project. For more information about this project and to explore other paintings by Jheronimus Bosch in minute detail click here.